From Benh Thanh to Opera House

Some guy videos his trip around Saigon, Vietnam. Looks like it’s pretty dangerous! Don’t know what’s getting into people these days. What do you think?

Help Ken Tanaka Find His Parents

Recently I have become obsessed with Ken Tanaka and his youtube video posts. He is from Shimane Prefecture in Japan and is adopted. He has come back to the United States to find his real parents. Please help him find them. Perhaps you will be the one

Oriental Secrets To Stop Nausea

Oriental Secrets To Stop Nausea By Bob Dorris Need a home remedy for nausea? Oriental medicine says nausea is due to “reverse stomach Qi”. Qi means something akin to energy, so the energy of the stomach is going in reverse… up instead of down! Here’s a couple

Sinh in Saigon

Vietnam Sinh in Saigon By Sean Landon While we here at the AT prefer to do Asia alone or in pairs, and we do not usually recommend local tours, we did have a rather good experience with a tour company in Saigon. After spending about a month